Submitting Your Costume

To submit your costume for approval, please email the following information and photos to your Local Costuming Consular (LCC), and copy your local temple email on the message for tracking. If you don’t know who your LCC is, contact your local temple. If you don’t know which temple is your local temple, please email the Saber Guild Global Council at to find out if there is a temple near you.

The following information should be included with each costume submission:

Costume Pictures

Photos must include these views to fairly judge your costume:

  1. Action Shot (This is the photo used for the website. The costume should be presented in a way that highlights the costume)
  2. Front (both arms out to the side pointing down at a 45 degree angle)
  3. Back (both arms out to the side pointing down at a 45 degree angle)
  4. Left side (both arms straight out at the shoulders so not to block view of the belt):
  5. Right side (both arms straight out at the shoulders so not to block view of the belt):
  6. Boots (two shots that show all sides of the boots – one boot front and second boot side; then shoot from behind – one boot back and second boot side):
  7. Lightsaber (Lit and laid down on its switch/kill key side up):
  8. Belt (laid out neatly on the floor with all accessories attached in the appropriate areas or close up on body that captures all pieces):

Belt accessories should include:
i. Covertech clip or other approved saber clip
ii. Food capsules for Jedi is a minimum of four in silver, copper, gold, or chrome or a combination of the four colors. Not required for Sith.
iii. Pouches minimum of one; two is preferred
iv. Belt keeper must be straight and laid flat against the belt
v. If the belt has an inner belt, that belt must not droop and must remain centered on the belt (recommend securing the inner belt to the larger portion of the belt to prevent drooping).

Additional Shots:

  1. Cloaks: (4 shots are required; 2 with hood front and back, with both arms out to the side pointing down at a 45 degree angle; 2 with hood up front and back).
  2. Armor and Masks: (4 shots required – front, left, right, and back with armor/ mask on. NOTE: Not all armor can/will be judged as safe for use in lightsaber choreography. Video of the applicant proving that there will be no encumbrances to ability *may* be required in these cases).
  3. Makeup and Prosthetics: Close-up photos must be sent of the costume makeup in order to fairly judge the quality, material, shading, and texture. Additional comments may be made by the applicant about the makeup/prosthetics in the “additional comments” area.
  4. Reference Photos: In the case where the costume is a unique design, inspired by a character, or a cannon character, reference pictures should be submitted to reference your design.

Personal Information

Full Name of Applicant:
Applicant’s Email:
Applicant’s Date of Birth:
Applicant’s Address (City, State, Country):
Applicant’s Forum User Name:
Character’s Name:
Character’s Alliance (Jedi/Sith):
Character Bio:  (Each submission must include their character’s biographical information. It does not need to be elaborate. Just a few sentences of background information (planet, race, era, etc.) will suffice. If this is a member’s first costume or their tenth costume submitted for review, the Bio is required to be included)

Costume Information

Outer Tunic Color:
Under Tunic Color:
Tabards Color:
Obi / Sash Color:
Belt Color:
Pouch Color:
Trousers / Skirt Color:
Boot Color:
Armor Color:
Cloak Color:
Lightsaber Brand and Blade Color:

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