Saber Guild Charter


Article I: Membership Requirements
Article II: Show Requirements
Article III: Costuming Standards (regulations)
Article IV: Code of Conduct
Article V: Saber Guild Organization
Article VI: Honorary Members and Friends of The Saber Guild
Article VII: Disciplinary Action
Article VIII: Elections and Voting
Article IX: Merchandising and Promotion
Article X: Charter Amendment Procedure

Vision Statement

Saber Guild International strives to be a leader in the global effort for our world by utilizing our costumed lightsaber choreography as a conduit for charity, community, and philanthropy.  

Mission Statement

Saber Guild International volunteers use costumed lightsaber choreographed performances that support charities, and local communities events using the highest quality representation of costumed characters from the light and dark side of the Star Wars Universe. Saber Guild, Two Sides, One Force!

Article I: Membership Requirements

Saber Guild is an equal opportunity organization and will not discriminate against existing or prospective members on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, religion or philosophy. In order to gain full membership one must be of legal age and own an approved light or dark side costume from within the Star Wars Universe and own a battle quality lightsaber. Because we are a performance group, we do not accept “gray” characters due to their inherent ambiguity—we must have a clear distinction between light and dark on stage.

Although Saber Guild is a voluntary club, we are not required to permit membership to those who prove to be troublesome or disruptive. Per Article IV of the charter, disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be permitted and such behavior will result in official membership denial or disciplinary actions, such as suspension and/or expulsion from the club.

1. Official Membership requires a minimum age of 18 or 13 with parent or guardian permission.

  • A) Official Membership, also referred to as Full Membership, is defined as legal adults or a person of the age of 13 with the written permission of a parent or legal guardian that is present at all events at all times. Only full Saber Guild members with approved costumes and battle quality lightsabers are allowed to perform in a Saber Guild live show. Forum Members, persons who have joined Saber Guild on the forums only, must be at least 13 years of age. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to participate in any live action show of any kind without a parent or guardian present at all times.
  • B) Forum Members are not Official Members and therefore cannot troop in costume as such at charitable events and conventions, or regularly perform in Saber Guild shows.
  • C) Official Members must complete one performance or two troops per calendar year to remain an Active Member of Saber Guild (exceptions are made for medical conditions or if a member is military and deployed overseas). If a member becomes inactive, they must re-submit their costume according to the guidelines outlined in this charter and the posted costume submission procedures.
    • 1) Each calendar year beginning on January 1st and concluding 14 calendar-days later, Local Directors will be asked to complete a census spreadsheet and annotate the status for their temple’s membership for the past calendar year. The spreadsheet should be delivered via email to the Saber Guild Council email no later than January 15th.
    • 2) It is the responsibility of the Local Directors to maintain records of event attendance to substantiate the active or inactive status of their membership that is to be reported. Members who joined Saber Guild after September 1st of the census’ calendar year are considered exempt from the census as they may not have had an opportunity to troop or perform. These members are to be recorded as active on the census spreadsheet for that calendar year.
    • 3) Members who are not affiliated with a temple will receive an email and must reply to that email by January 15th in order to maintain their active status. Unaffiliated members must also meet the same standard of two troops or one performance per calendar year.
  • D) Special guest performers may be approved on a case-by-case basis by Saber Guild Global Council and/or Global Director.

2. Photo submissions are required in order to become a Full Member.

  • A) Photos must be unaltered and of adequate quality to assess accuracy of the applicant’s costume.
  • B) Pictures must show the costume in its entirety, with full front, rear and side-views, and are to be void of non-
    canon accessories, such as baseball caps and sunglasses. All submission photos must be submitted through the Saber Guild website. Photos must also include the lightsaber as part of the costume.
  • C) Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis through Saber Guild Global Council approval.
  • D) There can be no loosely-hanging objects from the costume.

3. Forum Membership status may be granted to those who do not possess a costume yet and wish to participate in any existing web forums if the following criteria are met.

  • A) Prospective member meets the minimum age requirements.
  • B) Member adheres strictly to all codes of conduct set forth within this charter.
  • C) All Memberships, both Forum and Official, are approved by members of the Saber Guild Council, as described within this Charter.

4. Meetings and Event Planning

There are weekly meetings and rehearsals for Saber Guild shows. Attendance at such meetings is not required for membership. Attendance IS required at weekly rehearsal prior to an event. In order for a member to participate in the event being rehearsed for, however, Local Directors have final decision-making ability regarding who may perform, on a case-by-case basis, regardless of practice attendance. (See Article II for performance and show requirements). There are no monetary dues collected by Saber Guild from members.

5. Guidelines for Members That Are Not Associated with a Temple

  • A) When there is a circumstance that has led to a member or group of members operating without a temple, the following rules are to be applied:
    • 1) The member(s) will not operate autonomously, they will report directly to the Global Council, as if the Global Council was their temple leadership.
    • 2) The member(s) will not operate as a temple, nor have any branding as such, until the time they meet the requirements to become a temple and are based in an area that is not currently serviced by an existing temple. These members may join a newly established Temple that gets approved within their area but only after that Temple is established officially according to this charter.
    • 3) The member(s) will not compete with existing Temple(s) in their area. If members do not wish to join the Temple in their area for whatever reasons, members will only be permitted to attend venues outside the existing Temple(s) areas to service. These member(s) cannot establish a new temple within an area that is currently serviced by an existing Temple.
    • 4) The member(s) will not coordinate any event. Coordination for all events will go through the Global Council. Member(s) will not utilize personal email addresses to communicate for Saber Guild events. Requests must come directly from the venue and will be assigned to the member(s) if there is no servicing temple within that area.  All requests and coordination must occur through the use of the Global Council Saber Guild email address that the Global Council oversees.
    • 5) The member(s) must complete mission reports to the Global Council for every event they attend representing Saber Guild, to include name of the event, the location of the event, members that attended, event point of contact, and the charity supported.
    • 6) The member(s) are still held accountable to the requirements of the annual census.



Article II: Performance and Show Requirements

1. Performance and Requirements

Lightsabers: The tool of a Saber Guild member. We use them to raise money for charity and bring excitement to our fellow Star Wars fans. This is the cornerstone of Saber Guild and these are the parameters we have set that should result in a safe and spectacular performance.

Sabers: Must be combat ready and performance ready. Blades must be a clear or colored 1″ outside diameter by 1/8″ wall thickness or more. They must be made of polycarbonate. Blades made of acrylic and all other forms of plastics are prohibited. Although round tipped blades are preferred, pointed tips are acceptable, at local director’s discretion. Pointed tips should be dulled if local director feels it may be too pointy. Only LED lit lightsabers are allowed. EL wire or tape is prohibited.

Saber Hilts: Custom metal saber hilts are preferred. They must be combat ready and safe for use by the performer with no sharp metal blades attached. Sound is a positive enhancement, but not required.

2. Performance Area

The performance area must be safe and clear of all obstacles and 16′ X 12′ is the smallest area that should be performed on. Stage is not a requirement but is preferred and should be away from crowds during performances.

Sound systems: A soundtrack is a requirement for all performances—professional PA systems are preferred. Music can be edited or be of a simple Star Wars soundtrack. Microphones are a welcome enhancement and should be either a headset or lapel in nature. Handheld microphones are prohibited.

3. Show Requirements

All Saber Guild lightsaber shows must be choreographed. No live combat shows are allowed. Only Official Saber Guild Members are allowed to perform. Performers must attend a minimum of six of eight scheduled rehearsals prior to a large show and at least the last two rehearsals. The number of smaller show rehearsals and mandatory attendance are at the local directors’ discretion. Special exceptions are allowed for actors to perform or appear with Saber Guild. Any stage combat sequence requires one Saber Guild member to participate. No guest actor is allowed to perform stage combat with another guest actor (i.e. Boba Fett cannot stage punch a Stormtrooper). All choreographed saber duels must be practiced with members on a regular basis and no last minute choreography is allowed unless needed for an emergency.

  • A) Children’s Version: NO killing of performers. Use instead a slice of a leg, arm or a saber to the body with a yield from the Sith.
  • B) Adult Shows: Performed at conventions and can have death during performances. Saber duels with minors that are not members of Saber Guild are prohibited.
4. Choreography and Choreographers

All lightsaber choreography should be shared with Saber Guild members; no one member has exclusive rights to said choreography. No member of Saber Guild will perform or duplicate the Jedi Academy unless receiving express authorization from LucasFilm Ltd.


Article III: Costuming Standards

An approved costume is required to join Saber Guild. All costumes should in some way reflect the themes and brand of Saber Guild International. The primary themes of Saber Guild include the use of lightsabers and simulated Force techniques, to provide entertaining and safe shows, that bring people into the Star Wars Universe. As a result, the Saber Guild “brand” includes characters that own and wield lightsabers on a consistent basis, and are also known to be “Force sensitive.” This allows most characters to be integrated into stage shows, childrens’ trainings, and other performances, that revolve around the use of lightsabers, in practiced and safe choreography.

All costumes will be reviewed by the Local Costume Consular (LCC) of the Saber Guild “Temple” before submission. If there is no appointed LCC, the Local Director (LD) will fulfill this duty, until an LCC is elected. Once the LCC (or LD) feels the costume is ready, they will submit the costume to the Global Costume Consular (GCC) team for review, approval or denial/corrections. Final judgement on all costumes rests with the Global Council. All costumes are subject to approval by the GCC team, headed by the Global Costume Director.

LDs and/or LCCs can submit an appeal directly to the Global Council, if there is a dispute regarding final judgement of a submitted costume. The Global Council will discuss, with the final decision will be delivered.

Original/custom characters are the most common type of approved costume and are determined based on rules and guidelines, set forth by the Global Council. Guidelines and regulations will reflect up-to-date costume standards, Star Wars resources, and references. Guidelines will refer to colors/pantones, costume design, materials/textures, as well as quality and general Star Wars Jedi/Sith/Force user aesthetic. Saber Guild costume standards, guidelines, and regulations are living documents that will continuously change over time, as new resources and references appear. The Global Council maintains and updates the documentation on these standards, with input and review by the Global Senate, to ensure that there is a mutual agreement regarding the appearance of Saber Guild costuming, as a consistent and quality brand.  

These regulations are considered open for change once a year, during the period of the first day of each calendar year until the final day of February (the “Regulations Review Period”). During this time, the Global Council will consider changes to Addendum Regulations and then present their changes to the Senate during the first two weeks of February. After the first two weeks, the remaining weeks of February will be used to incorporate all changes into the current version, to be presented to Saber Guild membership on the first day of March for use.

All new costume applications, whether made by Forum Members or Full/Official Members, submitted on or after March 1st of any calendar year shall be reviewed based on the latest version of the Addendum Regulations.  

All new costume applications, whether made by Forum Members or Full/Official Members, submitted on or before February 28th of any calendar year (or, in the event of a leap year, submitted on or before February 29th of said calendar year) shall be reviewed based on the previous version of the Addendum Regulations.

Grandfathering will not be included for original character costumes if something that was approvable before becomes unapprovable. However, notwithstanding any provision contained herein, Full/Official Members shall have a six-month grace period, to the first of September of the subject calendar year, to update their previously approved costumes to reflect any new regulations.  Any costumes considered during the Regulations Review Period and approved based on the previous version of the Addendum Regulations must still be updated on or before September 1st of the subject calendar year to reflect the latest version of the Addendum Regulations.

Face Characters, which are characters defined as being characters from Star Wars lore, that are known due to films, television shows, comics, video games, or other forms of media, are permitted in Saber Guild. Rules for Face Characters will reflect what is the best available information to the club for costume building and reviewing procedures. Face Characters that are acceptable in Saber Guild include those mentioned as being consistent lightsaber wielding characters that are known to use the Force and have their own lightsaber.

All Face Character costumes should be made to reflect Screen Accuracy as much as possible. This means that a costume is made of high quality materials to look as much like the costumes seen in movies. In regards to other sources of media, high quality materials are still required for those characters’ costumes, and accuracy should be as close as possible in the transition from that source of media to a physical representation of the character. Possible exceptions to screen accuracy can be approved by the Global Council on a case by case basis.

Screen accurate lightsaber hilts are preferred, but not required for Face Characters. Members must have the same blade color as the character they are portraying. Screen accurate hilts for picture taking is encouraged, but not required. Certain characters, such as Kylo Ren and Darth Maul, are required to have hilt styles that reflect their on screen appearances, though they do not have to be perfectly screen accurate.

Exceptions can be made, through approval by the Global Council, in the cases of those characters, that may fulfill only one of the stated requirements of consistent lightsaber wielder and Force sensitive. Exemptions can be submitted to the Global Council for consideration on a case by case basis. Such exemptions will be listed in the Charter for members and prospective members to see and will include:

Original Trilogy Emperor Palpatine
The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker
Issue 12 Leia Organa

The basic requirement for costumes is that they should be readily identifiable as a believable character from the Star Wars Universe. Costumes must be functional and not cause a hindrance to the performer or show itself, during the course of choreographed performance.

All lightsabers used for characters must be Combat Ready. This means the use of a lightsaber that is able to hold a polycarbonate blade and is able to hold up to repeated strikes due to choreographed combat. Day blades are recommended and preferred, but not required.

Members may be approved for “Trooping Only” status on Face Characters in the event they do not yet have their own combat ready lightsaber. They can be changed to full membership, if they are able to show they have a lightsaber that fits requirements and is combat ready. Proof of combat ready saber must be submitted before members designated as “trooping only” can perform choreographed fighting in shows.

For non-human characters, whether original characters or Face Characters, Saber Guild requires theatrical-quality or movie-quality makeup, which includes prosthetic makeup.  In addition, for any human characters, whether original characters or Face Characters, Saber Guild requires theatrical-quality or movie quality makeup, which includes prosthetic makeup, for any fake scars or wounds.


Article IV: Code of Conduct

Our members are expected to maintain professionalism and respect toward others, in and out of costume, while representing Saber Guild. Saber Guild recognizes that its costumes represent characters from the Star Wars films and as such, costume-wearers carry the responsibility of portraying these characters professionally and tastefully while in public. For these reasons, all members are prohibited from acting in a manner disrespectful towards the image they are portraying, towards fellow club members, or towards the public at large while in or out of costume at an event expressly organized as a Saber Guild event. Foul language, obscene gestures, and use of alcohol or tobacco are prohibited while in costume in view of the public (children especially) as they jeopardize the club’s image. Any convention or gathering where adult content is prevalent can be considered a private venue and a non – Saber Guild event and behavioral standards may be relaxed. Acting in a threatening or violent manner, sexual harassment or misconduct, theft, and illegal substance abuse are all prohibited as they are unacceptable behavior. This applies to members in or out of costume at Saber Guild events or otherwise. In short, crude behavior is discouraged; threatening behavior is prohibited completely. Members who engage in such conduct may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to temporary suspension and/or expulsion from Saber Guild.

1. There is a zero-tolerance policy in Saber Guild when reports of illegal activity or complaints of inappropriate activity by any of our members, in or out of costume, is received by the Council.

A) Any complaints of criminal activity or inappropriate behavior received by Saber Guild Council about any member of Saber Guild will be reviewed by the Council and dealt with as per Article VII of this Charter.

2. Official Members in costume, and any member of Saber Guild wearing Saber Guild merchandise (refer to Article IX), and persons posting on Saber Guild forums, Saber Guild website and Saber Guild social media are representing Saber Guild as an organization. It is therefore the responsibility of the member representing Saber Guild to remain respectful, courteous, and professional toward other people

  • A) Any slandering or negative statements about other members of Saber Guild or Lucasfilm (including celebrities, Lucasfilm staff, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Professional criticism with regards to costuming is permitted, provided no personal attacks are made.
  • B) It is understood that all costumers within this organization represent all sides of the Star Wars Universe. All outward gestures, conversation, and mannerisms toward other people, be they other costumers or the public at large, shall be professional and courteous while representing Saber Guild. There can be no exceptions to this.
  • C) Members in costume or wearing Saber Guild merchandise, or in any other way representing Saber Guild publicly, cannot engage in for-profit activities and cannot troop together with groups that are for-profit.

3. At no time is any member permitted to allow any person outside of Saber Guild to handle any lightsaber in a manner depicting lightsaber combat. However, members at their own discretion may allow anyone in the general public to handle their lightsaber for photo opportunities. The reason for this rule is to avoid any litigation that could occur as a result of any injury incurred by a child or any non-Saber Guild member, and to protect Lucasfilm property / assets.

  • A)The only exceptions to this rule are: Saber Guild is allowed to teach Star Wars movie choreography to participants 18 and over who sign a waiver at public Saber Guild events; and non-members are allowed to be trained in lightsaber combat at private rehearsals/practices.
  • B)Saber Guild can also teach kids’ classes with toy lightsabers (not battle-ready) as long as there is no contact and there is parental supervision. Kids’ classes cannot be taught by Darth Vader and classes cannot be called “Jedi Academy” without express permission from LFL.

4. This code is not meant to restrict freedom, but to give fair warning of what behaviors may require action to correct. When out of costume, members are still required to observe reasonable behavioral standards towards fellow club members, as these actions affect one another. Your private life is yours.


Article V: Saber Guild Leadership

Only Active Members of Saber Guild are eligible to hold positions of office in Saber Guild.

1. Saber Guild Global Council 

Saber Guild Global Council consists of five (5) positions. In the event that one person occupies two positions on the Council (i.e. AGD and PR are same person), resulting in a split vote, or there is a tie, the vote of the Global Director (GD) will be the deciding vote. Saber Guild Global Council is the overall governing body of Saber Guild, and administrates all Temples, including Temples that are self-governed.

The term for the positions on the Global Council shall be for Two Years beginning after the Global Election for that position and continuing until the results of the next Global Election or until the Council member is removed or resigns. The five Council positions will be broken up into two groups, with elections for each group occurring on alternating years in order to maintain consistency on the Council.

The positions of Global Director, Global Costume Director, and Public Relations Director will occur during even numbered years.

The positions of Assistant Global Director and Global Membership Director shall occur during odd numbered years.

If the election is an off-cycle emergency election, the term shall run until the normally scheduled global election for that position. Persons running for a Global Council position must not have had any disciplinary actions within the last 12 months to be eligible for election. One year of Local Temple leadership experience is required for any Global Council position.

All Global Council positions are part of the Saber Guild Global Council and are required to vote on issues raised by the Global Council and the Global Senate. All are responsible for maintaining communication with the rest of the Global Council and the Global Senate and should attend the regularly scheduled monthly Global Senate Conference Calls.

A) The Global Council Members are as follows:

(GD) – Global Director
(AGD) – Assistant Global Director
(PR) – Public Relations / Charity Director
(MD) – Membership Director
(CD) – Costume Director

Global Council Members:

(GD) – Global Director

Duties for the Global Director: The Global Director of Saber Guild International is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization, including but not limited to procedures, media representation, membership, and costuming. The GD is responsible for setting the standard of ethical behavior, professionalism, and philanthropic endeavors and guides the organization in these attributes. The GD chairs and oversees the Global Council. The Global Director manages the assignments of the Global Council Members and the Local Temple Directors, through the Global Senate, and reports issues and concerns to the Global Council. The GD presides over the Global Senate and the monthly Senate meeting. While individual Council members will have their specified areas of focus, in the end, the final approval resides with the Global Director. The primary responsibility of the Global Director is to promote the success of the organization as a whole, while taking into consideration the following items:

• The need to foster Saber Guild’s business relationships with LFL, event coordinators, suppliers, charities and other costume organizations
• The consequences of any decision in the interests of Saber Guild members
• The impact of Saber Guild’s operations on the community and the environment the desirability of Saber Guild maintaining a reputation for high standards of standards
• Procedures, conduct issues, and the need to act fairly between members of Saber Guild

The Global Director is the main point of contact for interactions with Lucas Film Limited (LFL), the upper levels of management for the 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, the Dark Empire, and major vendors and hosts of major events and/or venues.

(AGD) – Assistant Global Director

Duties for the Assistant Global Director: The Assistant Global Director’s main responsibility is maintaining the Saber Guild forums, including creating and moderating all elections as well as membership requirements and permissions. The Assistant Global Director also assists the Global Director in the overall operation of the club.

The AGD is responsible for investigating all complaints of breaches of the Saber Guild charter and is also responsible for conducting the investigations when a complaint is filed. Once an official complaint is received, the AGD directs all parties to maintain confidentiality, then gathers evidence of the claims made in the complaint, and contacts the accused party or parties for their rebuttal according to the guidelines outlined in this charter. The Assistant Global Director then compiles the case, along with a recommendation in accordance with the charter, and delivers it to the Saber Guild Global Council for vote. The AGD officially informs all parties of the Council’s final decision. If a member is suspended, the AGD informs that member and temple leadership when the suspended member is reinstated. The AGD is responsible for maintaining case logs, suspension histories, and final decisions made by the Global Council on matters of conduct.

(PR) – Public Relations Director

Duties for the Public Relations Director: The Public Relations Director’s job is to manage how Saber Guild represents ourselves to other fan clubs and the general public. The Public Relations Director supports the Global Director in communication with fan groups, Lucasfilm and the press, and informs Lucasfilm when new temples are formed. Additional duties include the following:

o Overseeing the Saber Guild International website:
o Adding new members to the website
o Developing new features with the Global Media Committee
o Publishing the Member of the Month
o Publishing the Video of the Month and sourcing new video content
o Updating the press page
o Updating temple contact information
o Updating the honorary members page
o Compiling and publishing mission reports for the website blog
o Overseeing the Global Media Committee: managing projects and enforcing deadlines
o Overseeing Saber Guild International social media pages:
o Writing up the Member of the Month website entry
o Responding to Facebook messages
o Monitoring “mentions”, comments, and posts
o General communication with Local Temple Leadership
o Administering Saber Guild International’s insurance

(MD) – Membership Director

Duties for the Membership Director: The MD is responsible for the policies and procedures of the Member of the Month program. The MD is responsible for greeting new members on the forums, answering initial inquiries from prospective members, and assisting with questions when new squads and temples develop. The MD oversees programs and policies on the formation and establishment of new squads and temples. The MD will develop and maintain recruitment literature and work with the Public Relations Director through Social Media to promote Saber Guild in areas where there is no Saber Guild awareness. The MD will oversee establishment of Facebook groups for coordinating recruitment in specific areas.

The MD will act as the membership’s advocate during an investigation regarding charter infringements, acting in the best interest of the member under investigation. The MD will be objective in all cases that require representation. If there is a conflict of interest, the Membership Director must notify the remainder of the council and recuse him/herself from the proceedings. In this case, the PR Director will assume the role of advocate for the membership.

(CD) – Costume Director

Duties for the Costume Director: The CD oversees and works alongside the Global Costume Consulars. The CD is responsible for the overall approval of costume submissions from Local Temples. The CD is responsible for establishing costume submission procedures, writing charter language, new costume standards, and updating the existing standards in support of the overall mission of Saber Guild. The CD is responsible for providing constructive feedback on all costume submissions except for submittals from his/her own local temple. The CD is responsible for assisting the Local Costume Consulars (LCCs) in answering initial costume design questions, materials selection, costume component selections, and all costume standards questions. The CD will maintain communication between the LCCs, GCCs and CD through internet communication programs (Facebook, Skype, etc.) or through telephone calls. The CD is responsible for maintaining the Official Saber Guild Membership Rosters.


B) Global Costume Consulars

(GCC) – Global Costume Consular

Global Costume Consular is an official member appointed by the Global Council and the Costume Director (CD).

The GCC  appointment shall be for a one year term beginning July 1st ending June 30th or until a GCC is removed or resigns.

  1. Procedure for Appointment: Each June 1st, the application process will open for consideration for any anticipated vacancies. Incumbent GCCs do not need to reapply if they wish to continue their tenure for an additional year. The pool of applicants for consideration for GCCs will come from official members that have served as a Temple LCC. Applying LCCs must not have had any disciplinary actions within the last 12 months to qualify. Applying LCCs will need to write up a short narrative explaining their experience and interest in becoming a GCC and submit it to the Costume Director no later than June 15th. The Global Council will then rate and rank the applications by June 25th. A selection will be made by June 30th. Those selected will be appointed on July 1st to begin their one year term. An appointed GCC may continue acting in their role as LCC for their Local Temple (see paragraph ii).
  2. Duties for the GCC: The GCCs are overseen by the Costume Director. The GCCs are responsible for the approval of costume submissions  from Local Temples. The GCCs will monitor the Official Member Submission Forum on the Saber Guild Forums.  The GCCs are responsible for the evaluation of costumes that are submitted for consideration. The GCCs are responsible for assisting in the establishment of new costume standards and updating the existing standards. The GCCs are responsible for providing constructive feedback on all costume submissions with the exception of submittals from their own local temples. The GCC should assist the LCCs in answering initial costume design questions, materials selection, costume component selections, and all costume standards questions.
  3. The GCC appointment does not qualify individuals for Global Council positions. One year of Local Temple leadership experience is still required for any Global Council position.
2. Saber Guild Global Senate

Saber Guild Global Senate is composed of all local directors and assistant directors from the local temples (see below). Each director will have access to the Senate forum to discuss, vote and suggest policies to the Global Council. The Global Council will then ratify or veto the decisions, results and suggestions. The Global Senate will have one collective vote when the Council proposes any changes to the charter or costuming standards.

3. Saber Guild Temples

Different areas throughout the world are grouped into sub-units known as “Temples.” Temples shall be created to cover geographical areas that are not currently served by the organization. Additionally, new Temples can be created in geographical areas that already have Temples when certain conditions are met, as explained in subsection 3D below.

  • A. A Saber Guild Temple will consist of five or more official members, including an elected local director and an elected local costume consular. Additionally, temples must elect an assistant director when they have 10 or more official members. Temples have the option of electing a local stage director when they have 15 or more official members. For clarity, a temple can elect all four positions at their discretion if they have less than 15 members. Elections occur as per Article VIII below.
  • B. Three or more official members in an area will be termed a “Squad”. Squads and areas with less than three official members will report directly to Saber Guild Council.
  • C. Temples will be divided by state unless or until: the Temple requests a further division of territory; the Temple requests an expansion of territory; a new prospective Temple requests formation. All requests will be decided by Global Council vote.
    • i.  Members will choose one Temple as their “Home Temple” where they will attend the majority of their rehearsals and events.
      • a.  Members are eligible to change their Home Temple once per year between the time period of October 1st (the start of the Saber Guild calendar year) and August 31st. Changes will not be permitted in September during active local elections.
      • b.  Members may only run for leadership and vote in their Home Temple, regardless of their participation in other regions.
      • c.  When a Temple is hosting an event, preference should be given to members of that Temple for spots at the event. Additionally, members from other Temples can attend if there is room at the event and if it is agreed upon by Local Leadership for both Temples.
      • d. Attendance for events that are jointly hosted by multiple Temples should be determined by Local Leadership to fit the needs of the event.
    • ii.  Unaffiliated Official Members MUST report any event requests they receive to the Global Council prior to confirming their attendance.
      • a.  The Global Council will first make contact with the nearest Temple territory to confirm there are no known issues with the event requestor.
      • b.  The Global Council will also confirm that the local Temple does not have the capacity, ability, or desire to attend the event in question.
      • c.  The Global Council will be copied on all official communications that occur with the event requestor for recordkeeping purposes.
      • d.  Failure to contact, forward, and/or update the Global Council regarding these event requests may be considered conduct unbecoming and grounds for review and/or discipline by the Global Council.
  • D.  The Global Council holds all rights to accept or deny request for official Temple creation. Any new brand establishment or alteration must also be approved by the Global Council and is done on a case by case basis.
    • i.   Consideration for Temple division is based on the geographical need for event coverage in a region, as well as the burden of distance between the Member and the Temple’s rehearsal space.
      • a.  Global Council and Temple leadership (of previously established Temple) will work together to determine if need exists.
        • 1.  If existing Temple leadership agrees to the split, then no further documentation needs to be established.
        • 2.  If a disagreement exists for the need to split the Temple then documentation on coverage area, average number of events, and established distances to reach practice locations need to be corroborated.
      • b.  The Global Council will then determine if the need exists for a new Temple in an existing Temple’s area of influence
        • 1.  Distance traveled for practice must be demonstrated to be at least more than one hour, traveling at a reasonable speed, from a given practice location.
      • c.  Once a new Temple is established, that temple will assume control of events in their geographical region.
        • 1.  If an event requestor is directed to the incorrect temple, it is the responsibility of the senior temple to make certain proper contact is made.
        • 2.  Failure to uphold this condition may be considered conduct unbecoming and grounds for review and/or discipline by the Global Council.
    • ii.  Dissatisfaction with current leadership is not grounds for division of territory.
    • iii. Applications for new Temples cannot be submitted during Global Elections in May. Applications for Temple status may begin again two weeks after Global Elections complete
4. Saber Guild Temple Leadership

Local Temple Leadership consists of three elected positions (with the option of a fourth position). In the event that one person occupies two positions within the Local Temple Leadership (i.e. the ALD and LSD are same person), resulting in a split vote or a tie, then the vote of the Local Director (LD) will be the deciding vote.

A) Local Temple Directors are as follows:

(LD) – Local Director

(LCC) – Local Costume Consular

(ALD) – Assistant Local Director

(LSD) – Local Stage Director

Local Club Directors

(LD) – Local Director

LD is in charge of Local operations of the Local Saber Guild Temple, oversees all weekly meetings / practices.

(LCC) – Local Costume Consular

The LCC is a required position for all temples, and squads with at least three official members. The Temple should elect an official member who has experience in costuming or is willing to learn costuming. The LCC is responsible for the submission of costumes from their Temple to the Global Costume Consulars (GCCs) via the Official Member Submission Forum on the Saber Guild Forums. The LCC acts as a liaison between the Temple and the GCCs. The LCC is responsible for the screening of costumes prior to submission. The LCC should assist members (both official and unofficial) in answering initial costume design questions, materials selection, and costume component selections. If the LCC does not have access to such information, the LCC is to consult with the GCCs prior to having the member commission, purchase, or start work on the costume. The LCC is responsible for enforcing the Saber Guild Costume Standards within their Temples.

(ALD) –Assistant Local Director

ALD assists the LD with Local operations of the Local Saber Guild Temple and assists with all weekly meetings / practices.

(LSD) – Local Stage Director

Oversees and orchestrates the mounting of a Saber Guild production and ensures the quality and completeness of the production. LSD leads the members of the creative team to realize their artistic vision for a performance.    

5. Saber Guild Secretary

The Saber Guild Secretary is an Active Member, not a current Global Council member or in local leadership, appointed by the Global Council from a pool of nominees offered by the Senate. This is a non-voting position, and the Secretary will not be eligible for election to the Global Council unless they were previously in Global or Local leadership for one year. Responsible for taking notes at Global Council and Senate meetings, and then posting notes afterwards. Responsible for drafting new charter language once agreed upon by the Global Council for vote by the Senate. Responsible for scheduling Council meetings in advance of monthly Senate meetings, putting out a call for Senate agenda items and compiling the agenda in advance of Council meetings, then compiling and posting the Senate agenda every month.


Article VI: Honorary Members and Friends of The Saber Guild

As defined and outlined below, Saber Guild bestows two different types of recognition to Star Wars alumni, and those that have been of invaluable assistance to Saber Guild: Honorary Friends and Members of Saber Below is the induction process for Honorary Members, and Friends of Saber Guild, as well as how each category is defined:

The process will take about eight weeks of preparation. If you know of a convention or appearance near you (at least two months ahead of the current date) of a Star Wars celebrity, Lucasfilm personality, Star Wars author, or any alum of the Star Wars saga, you may have the privilege of inducting them as an Honorary Member in Saber Guild, with Saber Guild Global Council approval first.

1. “Friend of Saber Guild” can be anyone that has directly impacted the promotion of Star Wars and/or Saber Guild in a positive way. Friends of Saber Guild can also be children that Saber Guild has also had an impact upon, such as children of the Make-A-Wish foundation, children that are hospitalized and / or that have special needs, etc. Parental approval is required before a minor can be approved for such appointment. If you wish to nominate someone, you must be a full costumed member of Saber Guild, which means you are an adult and you have a costume that has been approved for full membership. Again, this process will take eight weeks; you must notify a member of the Council, preferably the GD or the AGD, of your intent to induct the person of your choice. The Council will then decide whether to approve the person for Honorary Friend of Saber Guild status. Once the Council approves the person selected for such status, you are the “sponsor” or “presenter” to the person you have selected. You will be mailed or delivered to in person (if applicable) a printed and signed certificate with plaque by Saber Guild Global Council. You will be responsible for purchasing these items (these are inexpensive). Your next responsibility is to attend the convention, arranged meeting, or other event that your selected recipient will be attending. You will need one extra person to photograph you presenting the plaque to the recipient. It is not required, but highly recommended, that you perform this action while in costume and that at least one other member is with you, also preferably in costume. This will present a much more photogenic and official atmosphere to the person being honored. One photograph of the person(s) being honored receiving the certificate from the presenter is required. Email the photograph to the Council and it will be posted on our When you present the plaque to the intended recipient, you (the presenter) are required to give a very short, specific statement detailing why the honor is being bestowed. More than likely (almost always, and preferably), the person being honored will be surprised, as these presentations are most often done without the recipient’s knowledge of your intent to induct them. Your statement to them at the time of presentation can be anything you want to say, however, should be modeled along these lines:

“We, the members of Saber Guild, a Star Wars costuming performance organization, in gratitude for your contribution to the Star Wars movies (and/or our club, if applicable), would like to honor you with an honorary membership in our group. Please accept this as a token of our appreciation for your work.”

2. Other organizations considered Friends of Saber Guild are the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, The Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club, The Dark Empire, The Dark Alliance, The Jedi Assembly, The Twin Suns, R2 Builders, and LMB (Leia’s Metal Bikini) members.


Article VII: Disciplinary Action

Saber Guild is a volunteer-based costuming and performance organization created for the joy and celebration of Star Wars. This charter has been created in order to ensure a safe, just, and enjoyable experience for its members and to preserve the best interests of the Star Wars franchise, its fandom, and the general public, against complications internal or external. Should any violation of our Code of Conduct occur, corrective courses of action will be taken, as outlined below.

1. Classification of Charter Violations and Corrective Measures

When a complaint is received by the Council about a Saber Guild member, or if a Council member observes a Saber Guild member in violation of this Charter, the complaint or violation will be classified as one of two categories and dealt with as indicated. The disciplinary action process for any violation of this Charter shall not exceed a period of 10 days from the date the accused Member is informed of any allegations or complaints against them. Should that time lapse, any complaints or allegations will be automatically dismissed. All violations, minor or major, will be treated confidentially while the disciplinary process is in motion. No details of any complaint or violation will be shared outside of the Council. The outcome of the process will not be announced, unless there is an absolute need for the public to be informed.

A) Infraction: a minor offense, consisting of false statements, insulting another Saber Guild member, etc. An infraction is any violation that does not do damage to other people or to the image of Saber Guild directly, although it may have the possibility to do so if left uncorrected. Repeat complaints or violations of this Charter may be deemed as a more serious offense, and upgraded to the Malfeasance category.

  • I. An Infraction shall be addressed by the Global Director (GD) and Assistant Global Director (AGD). If both are in agreement, the disciplinary action for the violation will be carried out without further deliberation. If bothare split, then a third Council member will be required to make a deciding vote.
  • II. The disciplinary measure for any Infraction of this Charter will range from a minimum of 30 days suspension of Saber Guild Forum or Official Membership, to a maximum of six months, depending on the decision of Council members addressing the matter. No posting in Saber Guild Forums or private social media groups will be permitted by the suspended member during the suspension period.

B) Malfeasance: a major offense, consisting of a crime, or serious complaint or charge that directly causes damage to another Saber Guild member, and/or the image of Saber Guild itself. Any inappropriate or unprofessional behavior toward another person while representing Saber Guild can be considered a Malfeasance violation of this Charter.

  • I. A Malfeasance will be addressed as follows: One member of the Council will be assigned to investigate the complaint, and verify that a situation in fact occurred to warrant the complaint. It will be the duty of the Assistant Global Director (AGD) in this situation to advise all parties involved of the confidentiality of the matter, and that said matter is being corrected pursuant to this Charter.
  • II. In instances of one or more severe complaints resulting in a Malfeasance, or multiple Infractions resulting in a Malfeasance, the Malfeasance(s) will first be investigated as aforementioned. During the investigatory period, the accused Member will be informed of the complaint(s) against them, and will have the opportunity to submit a written rebuttal to refute any allegations against them, should they wish to do so. The time allotted for a written rebuttal to be submitted shall not exceed 72 hours.
  • III. Once the rebuttal is received, if one is submitted, a Tribunal shall be formed of the five Council members. The Tribunal will also appoint a moderator from local leadership. If a Council member is the accused, the tribunal will be made up of the most impartial Local Directors, who will be chosen by the rest of the Council. The Moderator, however, can be a Council member or Local Director. The Tribunal Moderator will have no influence on any decisions made by the Tribunal, but will ensure that an unbiased decision is reached by the Tribunal.
  • IV. The Tribunal will deliberate on the complaints against the Saber Guild Member accused of Malfeasance against the written rebuttal submitted, should there be one. Deliberation must also take into account the severity of any accusations, the validity of such accusations, and ramifications (if any) to Saber Guild, should the Malfeasance accusation(s) be dropped.
  • V. It will be the duty of either the Assistant Global Director (AGD) or the Tribunal Moderator to inform the Saber Guild Member accused of Malfeasance of the Tribunal’s final judgment. The decision reached by the Tribunal is final, and cannot be undone. The right shall exist for the Saber Guild Member accused of Malfeasance to request another Tribunal hearing six months after the date the final judgment is rendered, however, a second Tribunal hearing is not guaranteed.
  • VI. Disciplinary measures for Malfeasance violations of this Charter shall range from a minimum six months suspension of Membership and Forum posting privileges, to a permanent ban from Saber Guild. The Disciplinary Action goes into immediate effect when the accused Member is informed of the Tribunal’s final decision, via email, instant message, telephone, or any combination thereof.
  • VII. If a Local Director is found guilty of a Malfeasance, the Council can call an off-cycle election. If the removal of any Official Member due to a Malfeasance judgment leaves only four Official Members of a Temple, the Temple has a six-month grace period to remain a Temple and recruit new members.
3. Zero Tolerance Policy

As stated in Article IV of this Charter, Saber Guild maintains a policy of zero tolerance against reports of criminal activity, or complaints of inappropriate conduct of our members toward members or other people. Such reports or complaints received about any Saber Guild member while representing Saber Guild will be treated as Malfeasance Violations of this Charter.

4. Vote of No Confidence

A) This procedure is designed to maintain order within leadership. A “Vote of No Confidence” may be called against any Member in a leadership position by another Official Member, should it be determined that a leaderis not performing their duties adequately pursuant to this Charter. Only members of the Saber Guild Council may call a “Vote of No Confidence” against another Council member. A “Vote of No Confidence” must be seconded by another Official Member before the procedure may take place.

B) Vote of No Confidence procedure When an Official Member feels that any Member in a leadership position of Saber Guild is not performing their duties adequately enough to satisfy the requirements of that office, the Official Member may call a “Vote of No Confidence” in one of two ways: At a regular meeting or in a private forum, the Vote of No Confidence is declared against a specific member; the reasons why must also be stated. The declaration must then be seconded by another Official Member who agrees that the reasons for declaring the vote are valid. In either scenario, the Council must vote on the matter or call for a Local vote immediately, or set a specific date and time for the vote to take place, in order to investigate the validity of the accusations made, should it be deemed necessary. Once the vote is completed, the Member must be informed within a 72-hour period. If a leader is removed by a Vote of No Confidence, the Council can call an off-cycle election. If the removal of a leader leaves only four Official Members in a Temple, the Temple has a six-month grace period to remain a Temple and recruit new members.

Saber Guild Forum Members and Official Members alike must remember to be professional and respectful at all times toward others while representing Saber Guild in costume, or while posting in our forums.


Article VIII: Elections and Voting

Saber Guild recognizes a democratic practice in the selection of the leadership roles within its organization. The following is a description of the election and voting procedures to fill these offices. Elections for all positions are held as follows.

1. Elections and Voting Procedures for Offices.

A) Notice of upcoming elections will be posted on the forums and be sent out by a mass email at least one week or more prior to the election by the Council. However, notification of any elections to individual members of a Temple is ultimately the job of Local Director (LD). The Local nomination and election cycle will begin on October 1st of each year. Nominations will be open for one week, followed by one week of Q&A and one week of voting if necessary. All Council nominations and elections will begin on May 1st every other year starting 2019, depending on it being an odd or even year, and follow the same process.

B) Local Council positions are nominated and elected by a simple majority vote comprised of their Temple’s active membership. To become a candidate to run for any Local Council position a member must obtain a first and second nomination from the Temple’s active membership during the nomination period. Should the member nominate themselves they must received a first, second, and third nomination from the active Temple membership. Once a candidate has received the necessary nominations they may accept or decline the nomination. Should they accept the nomination they will officially become a candidate for the position for which they are running. All nominations and voting are conducted in special threads managed by the global council for the specific election taking place. Only active members of Saber Guild are eligible to vote in elections.

C) Global Council positions are elected by the Temple Electoral College (TEC). Each Temple will receive one vote to cast in favor of a Global Council candidate. Every Temple will have active members vote to decide which candidate will receive that Temple’s vote for the Global Council position up for election. Once the period for the Temple vote is completed, the Local Director of the Temple will vote for the candidate on behalf of their Temple’s majority vote. A Local Director may not cast a vote against the majority vote of the Temple. The Local Director must vote in line with the results of their Temple’s majority vote. If the Temple vote is evenly split then that Temple will abstain for voting for that particular Global position. If a tie occurs in the Electoral vote for the Council positions, the winner will be decided by the popular vote. The popular vote is that total number of individual votes by each Temple and the candidate receiving the most overall votes will receive the position. Votes from Temples forced to abstain due to a split vote will still have their votes counted towards the popular vote. All members who are currently Unaffiliated with Temples will be allowed to cast votes for Global Elections. The Unaffiliated Member Vote shall have the weight of a single TEC vote that will be monitored and cast by the Assistant Global Director and cannot deviate from the results of the voting. IF the vote is evenly split and no clear candidate is selected by the Unaffiliated Member Vote, than that vote will abstain, but will be counted in the case of a majority runoff.

D) When a new Saber Guild Temple is formed, or when an elected officer resigns or becomes otherwise unable to fill their post, the Global Council will immediately call for an off-cycle or “emergency” election to elect a Local Director and Local Costume Consular. If no official temple member runs for the LCC position at temple formation, the LD must assume the LCC responsibilities. Likewise, if a temple experiences growth (i.e. they have their 10th or 15th member approved), an off-cycle election will be called to fill the new post. However, if any of the above scenarios occur two months or less before the regular election, the election will proceed as scheduled with no emergency election

2. Nominations

A) All nominations must be seconded and accepted. A member may nominate themselves and that will require a second and third nomination. Elected officers must post their desire to seek another term or decline to seek another term (no response is considered a decline). No second is required for elected officers. Any officers who were not elected in the previous election cycle must run for election and be nominated and seconded (or receive a third nomination if they nominate themselves).

B) If no nominations are made for a particular office, then the officers holding these positions will remain in office.

C) If a standing Local Director (LD) does not seek another term and no nominations are made for that temple, the Assistant Local Director (ALD) must accept or decline being promoted to Local Director (LD). If the Assistant Local Director (ALD) declines (no response is considered a decline) then the Council is empowered to assume governance over the Temple until new Temple leadership can be formed.

D) Global Council membership requires a minimum of no less than one year of Local Temple office.

E) Any member of the Saber Guild Global Council that was not elected in the previous election cycle will need to run for election and be nominated and seconded (or receive a third if they nominate themselves) for the position they currently occupy at the next scheduled election should the Global Council Member desire to remain in office.


Article IX: Merchandising and Promotion

1. Saber Guild is a not-for-profit club based on property owned by Lucasfilm LTD and is not authorized to profit off the sales of merchandise bearing images or ideas from Star Wars.

a. Saber Guild Merchandise is herein defined as any items bearing the Saber Guild logo, the words “Saber Guild”, “Two Sides, One Force”, as well as the names and any logos used by encompassing subunits.
b. As SG numbers are assigned for life and member specific, the SG number does not fall under this provision.
c. Saber Guild owns all rights and designs for any content created for the organization’s use.

2. Under no circumstances may Saber Guild merchandise be sold to the general public. Saber Guild merchandise and materials shall only be sold at cost to the following peer organizations:

a. The 501st Legion
b. The Rebel Legion
c. Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club
d. The Dark Empire
e. The Droid Builders Club

3. All merchandise designs and sales must be approved through the acting Global PR Director.

a. All merchandise MUST include an LFL legal line somewhere on the design as listed: © & LFL
b. To receive approval for distribution, the organizer should prepare a proposal with completed design and manufacturing plan, including but not limited to the vendor’s contact information, number of pieces, and overall production cost before shipping.
c. For additional guidance on design, the organizer should review the brand guidelines (coming soon).

4. Per Lucasfilm guidelines, items to be sold above-cost for charity MUST be approved through both the Global PR Director and Lucasfilm LTD. These items follow the same sale guidelines as outlined above, but may also be sold at a single on-location event. Lucasfilm LTD does not allow the sale of club merchandise for profit.

5. Saber Guild does not endorse the sale of costume pieces and will not intervene in the private sales or transactions of non-Saber Guild merchandise.


Article X: Charter Amendment Procedure

This Charter was designed to be amended, as deemed necessary by the Saber Guild Council. A majority vote of the five-member Council shall be required on all decisions pertaining to amendments of this Charter. Local Leadership can expand upon the Charter for the creation of Local additions but must have approval from the Council and cannot change the intent of any article with their Local additions.


The Charter In Other Languages

You can find an Italian translation of the charter here.

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