SXSW Gaming Expo 2018 with Jakku Temple!

From Thursday, March 15th to Saturday March 17, 2018, members of Jakku Temple attended the 2018 SXSW Gaming Expo at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas to raise awareness and donations for Make-A-Wish of Central and South Texas. Three of the Lucasfilm preferred costume groups were in attendance (Star Garrison of the 501st, Kessel Base of the Rebel Legion, Jakku Temple of Saber Guild, and even the Central Texas Droid Builders) and used their combined assets (backdrops, table props, etc) in one large booth.
 Jakku Temple had sixteen members in attendance:
Paul Trupia (Luke Ep 7 & Sith) SG-131,
Heather Trupia (Hero Rey and Jedi) SG-192,
Cass Garcia (Jedi) SG-198,
Karl Bastian (Ep 8 Kylo Ren) SG-080,
Keira Holt (Sith) SG-394
Meghana Kamat (Jedi), SG-323,
Bridget Regan (Jedi), SG-314,
Amy Anderson (Jedi) SG-358,
Amy Berg, (Ep 8 Kylo Ren) SG-426;
Mary King (Sith), SG-438
Arianna Thomas (Sith) SG-439
Rocio Romo (non-costumed table duty) SG-451
Ty Thurman (Jedi) SG-472;
Together with the 501st, Rebel Legion, and the Central Texas Droid Builders, Jakku Temple raised $540.61 for Make-A-Wish of Central and South Texas.
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