Saber Guild in the News

Roma - The Force Awakens

In the years since Saber Guild’s founding, we have been profiled in dozens of national and local news outlets. Below are links to some of the news coverage that has featured the Temples of Saber Guild.

Fashionably Geek profiles Empire Saber Guild interviews Empire Saber Guild’s local director. The Wookie Gunner finishes the interview.

KTLA features Jakku Temple at Celebration

ZoomTV films Saber Guild’s Padawan training at Celebration

Breakfast Television features Saber Guild – Echo Base on Free Comic Book Day

Satyrnet profiles Saber Guild Roma

Vice interviews Kaiju Temple’s local director

KOMO News profiles Jet City Saber Guild

Empire Saber Guild teaches AM New York reporter how to be a Jedi

MeltyBuzz catches up with Saber Guild Roma at The Force Awakens premiere

King5 Seattle profiles Jet City Saber Guild

Elite Daily features Empire Saber Guild

Jet City Saber Guild performs for New Day Northwest

The Wall Street Journal interviews Empire Saber Guild

1077 The End profiles Jet City Saber Guild

Texas’s Hays Free Press features Jakku Temple

KIRO7 highlights Jet City Saber Guild at the Seafair Torchlight Parade

Warlocks Entertainment System’s Warpod Podcast Highlights Jakku Temple at Wizard World Austin

The LA Times Covers Make-A-Wish with Temple Prime

CBS News Profiles Empire Temple for Rogue One

The Star Wars Show Visits Golden Gate Temple (@ 3:16)

NBC’s First Profiles Temple Prime

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