Planet ComicCon Kansas City with Yavin Temple

From Friday, February 16th to Sunday, February 18th, Members of Yavin Temple participated in Planet ComicCon Kansas City, alongside local chapters of the 501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, The Dark Empire, and the R2 Builders club. Together, over seventeen hundred dollars ($1700) was raised for Harvesters, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting hunger. Yavin Temple members Noah Gibbs (SG-474), Djordan Savage (SG-484), William C Holmes (SG-469), and Emily Vardell, (SG-464) performed fights interspersed with Rebel Legion Dantooine Base’s presentation for children.
Saturday’s Convention opened with a parade, and ten-thousand sword salute to Gabe Marshall, a young boy who was a friend to both the convention and the assorted costuming groups, who passed away February 4th, 2018. Temple Members were among those participating.
On Saturday, Yavin Temple participated in a panel of all the mixed Costuming Groups of the area with the assistance of Membership Director Paul Trupia (SG-131), alongside William Holmes  (Rebel Legion CO), Rich Heffernan, (70th Explorers Garrison Commander AND Rebel Legion Dantooine Base Commander), Scott Hannah (Ru’Sar for Yustapir Clan, Mandolorian Mercenaries), Greg Bosko (Dantooine Base Former XO), and Mike Stanton (Sith’ari for all of The Dark Empire). The panel introduced Yavin Temple’s presence in the area, and their welcome inclusion into this diverse, inclusive area of Star Wars Costumers.
Sunday, Yavin Temple’s LD, Noah Gibbs, along with Membership Director Paul Trupia, and members Emily Vardell,  Djordan Savage, and upcoming member Scott Hannah, conducted a panel. During this panel, the audience was treated to a viewing of Jakku Temple’s fan film Knightfall along with explanations of the 9-point choreography system, a choregoraphed fight between Noah Gibbs and Djordan Savage, and a question and answer session.
Congratulations to Yavin Temple on their first successful event!
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