Methodist Children’s Hospital Visit with Jakku Temple!


On Thursday, February 1, 2018, members of Jakku Temple visited the pediatric patients of Mehtodist  Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. This is the fourth visit to this particular Children’s hospital. Jakku Temple conducted a performance, handed out “Porg” crafts (designed by Bridget Regan, SG-314), and delivered gifts that were donated by Hasbro. This visit, Jakku Temple also made one special room visit for a little girl who could not attend their performance.

Patients came to the 2nd floor to watch the performance and to take pictures. The hospital live streamed the performance as well as Jakku Temple’s fan film, Knightfall, for not only the patients at this hospital but patients in all Methodist Children’s Hospitals across the country! Jakku Temple members in attendance included: Karl Bastian, SG-080 (Kylo), Paul Trupia, SG-131 (Luke Episode 7), Sale Marshall, SG-179, Heather Trupia, SG-192 (Rey), Cass Garcia, SG-198 (Jedi), Mary King, SG-438 (Sith), Rocio Romo, SG-451 (Jedi) and Ty Thurman, SG-472 (Jedi).

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