Preparing for Your Costume Submission

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Step 1 – Join The Saber Guild Forums

The first step to join the Saber Guild is to sign up on our forums. If you have done this already, continue to the next step. If not, please CLICK HERE!

Step 2 – What is required to join?

Members must be 18 years of age or older and own a high-quality costume representing any of the characters and conforming to our character approval statement. You must also own a battle quality lightsaber with the blade thickness at least 1/8”. You can find a list of currently recognized costumes in the visual guides section of the site. There are no fees and the only requirements pertain to age and costume quality. The Saber Guild is simply a fun, all-volunteer group of fans representing characters from Star Wars.

Step 3 – How do I get a costume?

Generally speaking, our members make their own costumes. However, before purchasing a retail costume or beginning costume construction (or even buying materials), speak to your local director and your Local Costume Consular (LCC) to discuss the Saber Guild standards and make sure you fully understand what we’re looking for.

NOTE: Star Wars costumes that are commercially available in stores or online may not be acceptable for membership!

Step 4 – I’ve got my costume, now what?

Once you have your costume finished, you need to prepare your photos and submit your application.

Step 5 – Preparing your photographs

As a LucasFilm Limited (LFL)/Disney preferred organization who has done, do, and shall continue to do much in the way of creating millions of smiles through charitable work, we must all do our best to present ourselves in a professional manner. The costume submission is the applicant’s first step into our organization. We endeavor to uphold the standards entrusted to us by LFL. This submission should be treated as a portfolio showcasing the applicant’s hard work. Therefore, the costume photos should reflect the quality of its components, construction, and appearance.  We consider the costume submissions as a representation of how the applicants will be appearing on behalf of Disney/LFL and Saber Guild. A disheveled, unkempt appearance is not what should be presented within the submission photos. Additionally, it may hinder the Global Costume Consulars’ ability to judge the costume fairly. To avoid applicant disappointment and frustrations, we suggest the following “pre photo guide”:

  1. Ensure the costume is clean.
  2. Iron the costume.
  3. Prepare the photo area. Pictures should be on a plain background. Ensure there is good lighting and minimal shadowing. Do not photograph outside.
  4. Do not let the applicant dress alone. Assist in the placement of the obi, tabards, belt (and accessories), and pant/trousers at the boot.
  5. Shoot the photos in accordance with the guidelines below.
  6. Review the photos before submitting to ensure that the applicant’s costume meets all standards and the costume is represented accurately. We recommend reviewing the photos before concluding the photo session to identify any photos that may not be of quality or have wardrobe malfunctions. Our costuming approval team will need to verify your qualifications and will ask for pictures of you in your costume for validation.

The following tips will help make sure that you get the right photos to the costuming approval team on your first try:

  1. Photos should be between 5-8 megapixels quality – higher is fine if your camera’s default megapixel setting is greater than 8.
  2. Only submit pictures of yourself alone against a plain background (no convention photos, please).
  3. When having your photos taken, if not done professionally, please make sure that your photographer takes all full body shots at your chest level, with at least 75% body-to-background ratio to maximize resolution and rreferably with a digital camera as opposed to a mobile device; a camera will have better light gathering and a better lens.
  4. Make sure you are well lit but avoid direct sunlight if possible. Avoid being under partial or inconsistent shade/shadow too. Avoid darkness. If inside, better be well-lit. Don’t let the lightsaber or any ambient lighting do all the work. We want to be able to see any and all details.
  5. Please do not crop photos you have already taken for the belt, boot, or any photo needed for a specific part of your costume; take a separate close-up photo for each.
  6. If your costume is canon, do not wear any non-canon accessories or add-ons that do not apply to your canon costume.
  7. If you include any weapons such as a lightsaber or blaster, photos must be submitted also.
  8. Photos must include these views to fairly judge your costume:
    1. Action Shot (This is the photo used for the website. The costume should be presented in a way that highlights the costume)
    2. Front (both arms out to the side pointing down at a 45 degree angle)
    3. Back (both arms out to the side pointing down at a 45 degree angle)
    4. Left side (both arms straight out at the shoulders so not to block view of the belt):
    5. Right side (both arms straight out at the shoulders so not to block view of the belt):
    6. Boots (two shots that show all sides of the boots – one boot front and second boot side; then shoot from behind – one boot back and second boot side):
    7. Lightsaber (Lit and laid down on its switch/kill key side up):
    8. Belt (laid out neatly on the floor with all accessories attached in the appropriate areas or close up on body that captures all pieces):

Belt accessories should include:
i. Covertech clip or other approved saber clip
ii. Food capsules for Jedi is a minimum of four in silver, copper, gold, or chrome or a combination of the four colors. Not required for Sith.
iii. Pouches minimum of one; two is preferred
iv. Belt keeper must be straight and laid flat against the belt
v. If the belt has an inner belt, that belt must not droop and must remain centered on the belt (recommend securing the inner belt to the larger portion of the belt to prevent drooping).

Additional Shots:

  1. Cloaks: (4 shots are required; 2 with hood front and back, with both arms out to the side pointing down at a 45 degree angle; 2 with hood up front and back).
  2. Armor and Masks: (4 shots required – front, left, right, and back with armor/ mask on. NOTE: Not all armor can/will be judged as safe for use in lightsaber choreography. Video of the applicant proving that there will be no encumbrances to ability *may* be required in these cases).
  3. Makeup and Prosthetics: Close-up photos must be sent of the costume makeup in order to fairly judge the quality, material, shading, and texture. Additional comments may be made by the applicant about the makeup/prosthetics in the “additional comments” area.
  4. Reference Photos: In the case where the costume is a unique design, inspired by a character, or a cannon character, reference pictures should be submitted to reference your design.

Step 6 – Submitting your application and photos.

Information on how to submit is found on our Costume Submission Page located HERE! Once you have submitted your photos, we will begin evaluating your costume. When your application is approved, you will receive confirmation via e-mail. Your Saber Guild ID will be assigned and your record marked as “ACTIVE” in the Saber Guild member database. Please note that the Saber Guild is an all-volunteer organization and the application may take several weeks to review. If for some reason you are not validated for membership, the Membership Director will work with you and provide recommendations and resources that can assist you in modifying your costume to meet our requirements.

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