Member Spotlight: Ricky Fernández, SG-510


In the month of June, we celebrate the newly founded Kyber Temple’s Local Director, Ricky Fernández! Ricky has been a member of Saber Guild since January 2018. We congratulate him and the rest of Argentina’s members for achieving temple status.


Why did you join Saber Guild?
I joined because it was my desire to form a temple that could unite members from both sides of the Force – always focusing on the road towards solidarity and the common good.

What is your favorite thing about performing lightsaber choreography?
The beauty of the aesthetic and artistic results of two warriors fighting with their lightsabers.

Do you have any words of wisdom for potential members?
When we join Saber Guild, we should ask ourselves:
Why are we here?
What are we here for?
For whom do we really want to be part of a Temple?
That will give us a building light, on our way in Saber Guild – and a ground to share with our brothers of all the temples and squads.

What is your favorite Saber Guild memory?
While we have not officially trooped yet, we are looking to do our first mission in June.
We want to build a strong and rich SG presence in our country.
For many years I have enjoyed working at childrens’ and charity events. We strive to seek similar objectives with the other Star Wars fan groups in the area such as Rebel Legion, an organization to which I also belong.

Who is your favorite Star Wars Character?
Obi-Wan Kenobi

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