Member Spotlight: Jonathan Hoffman, SG-382


In the month of April, we celebrate Corellia Temple’s Local Costume Consular, Jonathan Hoffman! Jonathan also assists his local temple with lightsaber repairs and installations. Jonathan has been a member of Saber Guild since June 2017.


Tell us why you joined Saber Guild?  As a childhood cancer survivor, I wanted to always give back in some way to the community. As both a survivor and a Star Wars fan, nothing is more rewarding than making children happy and to allow them to see their heroes in real life.

What is your favorite thing about performing lightsaber choreography?  I really enjoy just performing and allowing both kids and adults to see lightsaber fights in person, instead of on screen.

Do you have any words of wisdom for potential members?  I definitely would tell future potential members to enjoy what you do, and remember that doing what we do may make someone’s entire day, week or month. It’s so rewarding to have people (especially children) come up to you and want to take a picture with you.

What are some of your fondest Saber Guild memories?  One of my fondest memories was my first ever troop and performance, which was Star Wars Night at a local baseball field, and performing in front of a few thousand people on a very hot summer day. While it was terrifying and exhausting trooping for 6 hours in 90 degree weather for my first ever event, I will never forget how awesome and rewarding it was.

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