In the month of May, we celebrate Temple Prime’s local costume consular, Alexandra Vann! Alexandra has been a member of Saber Guild since June 2017.


Tell us why you joined Saber Guild?  I was in Musical Theatre growing up and I loved the performance aspect of the club. It seemed like the perfect fit!

What is your favorite thing about performing lightsaber choreography?  It’s as close as I am going to get to being a real life Jedi! I mean how cool is that! For 10 to 30 minutes I get to pretend and act like a Star Wars character! The kids love it and the smiles on their faces when the choreography starts is worth all of the hard work!

Do you have any words of wisdom for potential members?  Work hard and start working on a costume as soon as possible! I waited a good two months before submitting a costume that I already had and I missed out on a couple really really cool opportunities!

What are some of your fondest Saber Guild memories?  Getting my approval letter. Doing my first troop. Doing my first performance. All of the kids I’ve met and taken pictures with. There are so many. This last year we were given the opportunity to visit a children’s hospital. Being able to visit them during the Christmas season meant everything.

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    Jessica Moskowitz Reply
    May 4, 2018 @ 13:04 pm

    Do you guys do Library visits? I’m a children’s librarian looking for a group to come teach my kids how to use lightsabers. Thanks!

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