Member Spotlight: Mike James, SG-160


In the month of February, we celebrate Endor Temple’s Local Costume Consular, Mike James! Mike also dedicates his time as one of Saber Guild’s Global Constume Consular. Mike has been a member of Saber Guild since June 2015.

Tell us why you joined Saber Guild?  I was a huge Star Wars fan who was looking for a group that was training with Lightsabers.  Coming from a martial arts background, it seemed to be a fun way to integrate my fandom with a workout.  What finally sold me on joining was the service aspect, using fandom to raise money and entertain children.

What is your favorite thing about performing lightsaber choreography?  I enjoy the audience reaction, obviously.  I also enjoy the satisfaction of putting on a good performance, and really enjoy interacting with the children at our various events.

Do you have any words of wisdom for potential members?  The same advice that I always give to our new applicants for Endor Temple: Build or acquire a simple costume first.  Get your foot in the door with Saber Guild with something easy, a generic Jedi or Sith.  This allows you to perform and take all the time you need to build a costume that is as intricate as you wish, while still allowing you to participate.  Also, keep an open mind.  Saber Guild members come from a variety of backgrounds and everyone brings something interesting and special to the table.  I’ve been with this group for 2 ½ years and I still learn something new every time I am around these wonderful people.

What are some of your fondest Saber Guild memories?  The night we officially became our own temple from an “outpost” was an especially fond memory, since I was with a bunch of our founding members when we got the word.  Also, my first appearance with Saber Guild was amazing.  I remember being insanely nervous over what I now consider a “routine” library troop..  Finally, the first time I performed a fight with my friend Andrew Popeil (SG-099).  There is one strike in the fight that always grabs a gasp from the crowd.  Hearing that for the first time was incredible.  Attending Celebrations with members from all over the world was awesome.  I made a lot of great friends that weekend in Florida.  To be honest, after 2 ½ years with the group, I have made so many wonderful friendships that I couldn’t imagine NOT having this incredible extended family around me.

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