Meet the Global Council

Robb Yanagihara, Global Director

With a love of Star Wars and a martial arts background, Robb was recruited into Saber Guild due to his intricate spinning techniques for one event in October 2009. Upon getting a taste of the performance experience, he decided to devote the majority of his spare time to Saber Guild performances and events. As the sixth official member of the club, Robb has maintained a consistency of high standards in the group, which earned him a place on the Global Council as the Global Conduct Director, where he maintained the conduct and rules of the quickly growing club. He then ran unopposed for the Global Director position when the founder of the club retired.

Stephen Garber, Assistant Global Director

Stephen joined Saber Guild in October of 2009 as the eighth official member. He has over 20 years of experience performing in live stage shows and over 17 years of experience in martial arts. Soon after joining Saber Guild, Stephen was asked to become the Assistant Global Director, assisting with the club’s expansion following Celebration VI in 2011. In August 2014 Stephen, with the assistance of Kiyo Gomez, formed the Outer Rim Temple that services the Inland Empire of Southern California where Stephen is currently the Local Director.

Kay Ahern, Global PR Director

In January 2015, Kay crossed the country from New Jersey to Washington State in search of a new community, and they found it almost immediately in Jet City Temple. They were drawn in by their love for Star Wars and despite having no extensive martial arts or performing experience, they resonated with Saber Guild’s mission to charity and community. Mentored by previous directors, Matt and Adrienne Proccacini, Kay chose to run for Assistant Local Director after their departure and held office for one year. Kay has an intense passion for the global brand, as well as the relationships it holds with LucasFilm Limited and the other Star Wars Costuming Fanclubs. They were elected to the Global Council as Public Relations Director in October 2017.

Paul Trupia, Global Membership Director

Looking to join an organization that combined his passion for lightsaber choreography, costuming, and philanthropic work, Paul joined Saber Guild as a member of Jakku Temple in October 2014. He was appointed the Assistant Local Director shortly thereafter. In October 2015 Paul was elected Local Director and has worked hard to expand the temple’s membership and form many lasting relationships with local community organizations and charities, as well as other LFL groups. Under his leadership Jakku Temple’s membership has almost tripled in size, and has increased their involvement in charity work. As a Local Costume Consular he has been assisting new members in getting acclimated to Saber Guild’s high costume and performance standards. In February 2017, Paul was elected as the Global Membership Director. As a man of integrity and professionalism, Paul looks to use his experience to continue Saber Guild’s mission.


M. Gabriel Colbaugh, Global Costume Director

Like many, Gabriel doesn’t remember his life without Star Wars. As a youth, he would spend hours in the backyard playing with the action figures and vehicles that spurred on the imaginations of millions. More years than he cares to admit later, Gabriel began Star Wars costuming which eventually led to founding the Las Vegas Temple, Nar Shaddaa with several others. Since joining Saber Guild, he has turned his passion for helping folks, entertaining crowds, and helping others to achieve their potential towards growing the Club and his local Temple. Two years later, Gabriel brought his enthusiasm for performance and charity to the Global Council. As the Global Costuming Director it is his responsibility to make sure that the club upholds the high standards on costumes that helps Saber Guild stand out.



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