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Jedi Council


Why Are Your Standards So Strict?

The goal of Saber Guild’s costume standards and Saber Guild in general is that we portray an accurate reflection of what is seen in Star Wars, and we are often in attendance at events with screen accurate costumers from other LFL recognized clubs, such as the 501st and Rebel Legion. By allowing characters that do not have costumes made of materials that are similar to those that are in the movies, we take away from the Star Wars experience that everyone is working so hard to establish for our fans, guests, and audience.

Saber Guild has built its relationship with LucasFilm and Disney in part based our costuming regulations, and that is why we are LFL’s preferred lightsaber performance group. Saber Guild requires a higher quality than other Star Wars and lightsaber clubs, as LucasFilm and Disney expect a higher quality from us.


Why Can’t My Jedi Wear Gray?

As a performance group, we need to maintain a very clear distinction between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. Oftentimes, we have only a few minutes on stage to convey a story, and there is not room for ambiguity. Having Jedi in browns and tans and Sith in blacks makes it clear to the audience who is who without further explanation.


But Luke Skywalker Wore Black…

Canon characters aren’t necessarily the rule when it comes to custom costumes, but rather, they are the exception to the rule. Saber Guild standards are made to represent the time when the Jedi were at their prime. Therefore, the traditional Jedi costume is the staple of Saber Guild costuming regulations. Although we do take some canon references into consideration when reviewing costumes, it also depends on the quality and execution of these items. In addition, you are free to create a canon character costume, if you wish to mimic the costume of that character. This is actually encouraged, as recognizable face characters are always extremely popular.


Why Do You Want My Costume to Look Like the Prequels?

Episodes I-III and The Clone Wars animated TV show are currently the best on-screen depictions of large groups of lightsaber users fighting each other. This timeline gives us the greatest opportunity to look uniform and screen accurate, and to bring our audience (who are often more casual Star Wars fans) into the Star Wars Universe.

Note that canon (replica) costumes are always welcome and even encouraged, especially when they fit within our timeline, as fans love to see their favorite characters. While canon costumes outside of our timeline are allowed, please be aware that it may not make sense to use your costume in a show. Why would Darth Malgus be fighting Obi-Wan? Therefore, if you are going to make a canon costume from, for example, the Old Republic, we suggest that you also make a Clone Wars era costume.


Why Are the Sith Standards So Much Like the Jedi Standards?

Despite “Sith” being synonymous with “bad guy” for the casual Star Wars fan, there are actually very few Sith depicted in the movies. Darth Maul was not technically a Sith, for instance, despite being given the title of Darth. Asajj Ventress was not a Sith either. Because there are not many on-screen references, we modeled our Sith standards after the Jedi standards, with a bit more creative freedom.


Why Can Sith Only Have Red Blades/Why Can Only Sith Have Red Blades?

There is not a single movie reference for a Sith having anything other than a red lightsaber. As a performance group, we want to maintain a clear distinction between light side and dark side, so a Jedi with a red blade would be confusing to the audience without an explanation.


My Costume Was Approved by Another Group: Why Isn’t it Saber Guild Approvable?

All Star Wars costuming groups have slightly different standards, based on the specific focus of the club. There is a relatively good chance that if your costume was approved for another group, it will be approved for Saber Guild, but that should never be assumed. One example is color schemes. Because we are a performance group and need to have a clear distinction between good and bad on stage, we do not allow grays or blacks on Jedi.


I Found This Awesome Picture on DeviantArt/I Made This Awesome SWTOR Character. Can I Make My Costume Like That?

No. Custom costumes must conform to our posted standards. Anything outside of those standards requires prior Global Council approval (and generally, already-active membership). You must provide at least three canon references when constructing a costume not outlined in our standards. Fan art and custom video game characters are not considered canon.

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