Blue and Gold Awards Banquet with Temple Prime!


On Friday February 23rd 2018 Temple Prime participated in the Cub Scout Blue and Gold awards banquet. They performed a short lightsaber instruction class and a lightsaber show for those in attendence. After taking photos with the scouts, Temple Prime also assisted in making a lightsaber award path for the award winner to walk through. Fellow pack members joined in the fun as well.

In return, the scouts made a $200 donation for Make a Wish.

Temple Prime members in attendance:

SG-069 Quinlan Vos

SG-013 Jedi Sol Plantis

SG-368 Rey

SG-111 Jedi Avelya Dorvin

SG-140 Sith Meyla Corie

SG-452 Kylo Ren

SG-070 Sith Zeth Aruces

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