Aloha Mental Arithmetic with Tython Temple!


On Sunday, April 29th, 2018, members of Tython Temple participated in the second national championship of Aloha Mental Arithmetic at the Sheraton Hotel in the city of Guayaquil. Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ecuador made a donation of $350.00 to Esperanza de Vida, an institution that has been fighting Cancer for 16 years, helping underprivileged children with medicine and chemotherapy.

The members of Saber Guild Ecuador joined forces with a group of Star Wars themed cosplayers who were recruited to cheer up children before the championship. Together, they prepared a presentation that took the children to the universe of Star Wars for a few precious moments.

The members of Tython Temple involved in this mission were:

SG-424 Master Dan Mezwind (Luis Rosales)
SG-425 Galen Marek Starkiller (Jorge Pilpe)
SG-453 Master LeoGonz (Leopoldo Gonzalez)
SG-455 Darth Mendax (Eric Chambers)

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