Nar Shaddaa Temple at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con


Nar Shaddaa Temple had the pleasure of attending the fifth annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. Alongside other Star Wars groups, Saber Guild was able to spend time interacting with several fans, including participating in a convention-wide scavenger hunt. Those participating either had to answer difficult trivia questions, provide their best Master Yoda or Chewbacca impression, or had to face off against one of our dreaded Sith Lords! Many padawans learned to face their fears and to use the Force to defeat the detestable dark siders.

Nar Shaddaa was also able to raise $642 for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation for their Camp Cartwheel summer camp program thanks to several generous people who participated in the event raffle. This is enough to send at least two kids to the summer camp for children with terminal diseases. The amount also shattered previous fundraising amounts that the Temple had pulled in at events past.
Finally, the team got to meet honorary Saber Guild member Ray Park. The Force was truly with the members of Nar Shaddaa that weekend!
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