Jet City Saber Guild at Emerald City Comic-Con


ECCC 2017

Jet City Temple performed at Emerald City Comic Con 2017 in Seattle the first weekend in March. Together with the Star Wars fan clubs of Washington, Jet City ran a lightsaber photo booth in “The Star Wars Experience” room, a Naigon lightsaber raffle, and a Jedi/Sith costume raffle. Saber Guild helped break the event’s all-time fundraising record with $23,350 raised for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Saber Guild was featured in a special video by ReedPOP: see it here.

Interactive shows

Four casts, along with guest actors from 501st, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercenaries, performed our interactive show, “Fight For Your Life!” at a secret Padawan training. The Empire’s stormtroopers and mercenaries busted down the door and demanded that the Jedi duel for the audience’s freedom. But they didn’t know the children were strong in the Force!

Check out these links for highlights from the show, or see all the photos we took!

Star Wars Washington fan clubs photo

Event photo album

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