Empire Temple Organizes Force Family Fun Day


Saber Guild: Empire Temple organized their first ever Force Family Fun Day at the Chelsea Parks and Recreation Center in New York City on June 17th from 12pm to 4pm.

It’s not everyday you get to throw your own mini convention, but with the help of the New York City Parks and Recreation Centers, Empire Temple was able to do just that. Empire Temple called upon the help of the members of our LFL community, and boy did they deliver. Each of New York’s major costuming groups brought what they do best to the table. The 501st showed the true power of the Empire bringing their amazing Imperial presence, and to keep them in check the Rebel Legion brought Jedi and Rebels just to make sure they were on their best behavior. The Mandalorian Mercs showed up and unveiled their brand new Mandalorian bootcamp, and the R2 Builders came with R4-K5 so the kids could get an up-close and personal look at a real life R2 unit. Empire Temple hosted a Jedi training obstacle course, build your own lightsaber display, photo backdrop displays, arts and crafts corner, and of course the Padawan Training Institute and a live Lightsaber show.

Over the course of the day the gym was packed with over 250 kids from around NYC who came to meet their favorite Star Wars characters. Kids were treated to three Padawan Trainings lead by Christopher Filardo.


In addition to the training, everybody who took part received a raffle ticket to win some amazing prizes donated by the Parks and Recreation Center–from Funko Pops to Topps trading cards and Blu-Rays, there was something for everybody.

In all, Empire Temple created an event that encompassed everything we aim to do as an organization: community, theater, education, fun, and creativity. The best part? We got to do it with all our family and friends by our side. We are happy to report that Force Family Fun Day is already being organized for next year!

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