Blueclaws Star Wars Night with Corellia Temple


Corellia Temple celebrated the Lakewood Blueclaws’ Star Wars Night this June at First Energy Park, alongside the 501st’s Northeast Remnant and the Rebel Legion’s Echo Base.

The Blueclaws dedicated their event to Princess Leia, and Saber Guild was happy to oblige. With the help of the Rebel Legion, Corellia Temple performed their original story about Jedi Knights visiting Earth, who had to defend the galaxy against an evil Sith invasion. The Sith attempted to force the audience to the dark side by holding the Princess captive, but with the help of the Jedi and the team’s mascot in disguise, she broke free and convinced the audience to follow the light. Together, they were able to push the Sith back.


The fun night ended with fireworks and picture opportunities.

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